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Forums are a great way to get help online. There are thousands of single parents on these forums, and there is more than likely an answer to a question or concern you’ve been struggling with. As a single parent, I myself use some of these forums regularly, and they have really helped me through some of the struggles of single parenting. It’s nice to have a support group that you can bounce ideas off of and get a thoughtful response from another parent that has been through what you’re currently going through. Forums are a great resource for single parents, and a great way to make friends with other single parents. Here are just a few:


Activity Groups

A great thing to get involved in as a single parent is activity groups. There are many other single parents out there that have the same interests, and are also in the same situation. It helps to be around people that know the struggles of being a single parent. The good news is that there is probably a single parents group close to you. This first site is very easy to use. Just type in your country and zip code. The site, will then list off all the single parenting events that are happening near you. This is a great tool for single parents. The second site is more of a help for single parents site. There are groups that you can attend in your area as well, but these groups are more of a counseling session in a group setting with other single parents. Another helpful resource for single parents.


Divorce and Separation

One of the hardest realities to face, is telling the children “we’re getting a divorce”. There are so many unknowns in this time of despair. Here are some websites that may help you and your children through this troublesome time.


Just for Mothers

Just like the title says. These sites are just for the single moms.


The Dad’s Too

We can’t forget about the single father’s as well.


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